BEST WESTERN HOTEL TREND - accommodation Pzen city, Czech Republic
BEST WESTERN HOTEL TREND - accommodation Pzen city, Czech Republic

Zoological Garden - Plzen

The ZOO in the West-Bohemian metropolis was founded as early as in the year 1926, namely in the part of the city called Doudlevce, near the centre of Plzen. From the year 1963 it has been situated in the ZOO campus in the part of the city called Lochotin, where it was connected with the neighbouring Botanic Gardens, in the year 1981. The varied natural zone has the area of 21 ha and since the year 1996 it has been intensively reshaped and reorganized in a zoo-geographical biopark.

Until that moment, the not very nice garden was known, for example, for a big collection of reptiles, for the breeding of ocelots (Felis pardalis) and of owls (Nyctea scandiaca), for the rearing of flamingoes (Phoenicopterus ruber chilensis), of hyenas (Hyaena hyaena) or for its artificial rearing of condors (Cathartes aura).

A very special world of its own is a19th –century farm called “Lüftnerka“ containing a collection of domestic animals and 400 exhibits of agricultural tools, the lovers of plants can enjoy first of all a greenhouse with succulents with more than 1000 taxons of semi-desert plants of the Old World. Among the most popular inhabitants of the ZOO belongs, undoubtedly, a flock of penguins (Aptenodytes Humboldti), which are fed, for the entertainment of visitors, with fish given them from the hands of their attendants, namely every day. Exotic birds, mammals and reptiles can be seen in the oldest pavilion of the Plzen ZOO, which is called, thanks to its shape, not only a “Tropical“, but also a „Z“ Pavilion.

Undoubtedly, the Plzen ZOO is attractive for your children in first place, but also adult people can surely have a great fun with the animals there!

The Botanic Gardens

Although at the end of the 19th century and at the beginning of the 20th century there were gradually established, and existed, several small botanic gardens, especially as a part of schools, the foundation of the current one, in the part of Plzen called Lochotin, was only decided upon in the year 1957. The adaptation of the former so called Kodet´s Garden were started, with an immense enthusiasm, by volunteers and, mainly, ba several enthusiasts, friends of Miroslav Vanousek, under the head of the organization called the Park of Culture and Relax in the year 1959. On 1st January 1981 the Botanic Gardens merged with the Zoological Garden and quitted the Park of Culture and Relax.

Gradually, the number and extent of exhibitions increased and there was created an instructive path called the “Development of the Nature in the Quaternary Period“ there, where you can see a sample of flora in the tundra (including a small lake), of a park taiga or, for example, of a Nordic cold steppe.

The botanic greenhouse in the Plzen ZOO and Botanic Gardens has been opened for the general public since September 1993. The opening of the only then existing public greenhouse in West Bohemia was preceded by a few journeys to the corresponding locations, by a vast gathering of information and photographs of the individual regions as well as by the origination of a book about Madagaskar written by the Director of the Plzen ZOO and Botanic Gardens, Mr. Travnicek. The exhibition area is roughly 300 m2, that of the forcing plant about 120 m2. The collection is specialized in succulents coming from the region of Africa, from the Canary Islands and from Madagaskar.

The main rarity of the greenhouse is a relict coming from the Tertiary, a plant living only in the Namibian Desert, the mysterious Welwitschia mirabilis. It is a gymnosperm dopeceous plant spending the major part of its life only with two leaves creeping along the sand, which can live as many as 3000 years.

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  • Accommodation of a high quality in the centre of the City of Plzen
  • A large conference room with a data projector, a notebook, a TV set suitable for workshops, presentations …
  • A large breakfast room and a lounge
  • A reception with a lobby bar
  • A covered basement parking suitable also for motor cyclists – a lockable box for motor cycles